10 of Our Best Moments in 2019

two young patients have fun with sunglasses

Happy New Year from Pediatric Dental Specialists

As we get ready to ring in 2020 and the new decade it brings, we can’t help but pause and celebrate the reason why we love coming to work every single day: you!

From infants at their first dental visit to teens completing their orthodontic treatment, each of our patients, parents, and caregivers enrich our lives every single day. So with gratitude for all you helped us experience and create, here are 10 of our best moments in 2019.

10. Kicking off the school year with our Backpack Giveaway.

Here at Pediatric Dental Specialists, the back to school season literally gets us jumping in the air (which you can watch here). This year we enjoyed kicking off the school year at each of our locations with a chance to win one of eight Under Armour backpacks. While we didn’t capture any video of our winners leaping through the air (maybe next year?), we loved adding a touch of special to this exciting time of year.

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9. Sharing oral hygiene education with children in our community.

From the moment they’re born, your child starts learning about the world through observation, experimentation, listening, exploring, and play. As your child develops language and social skills, they also learn by actively engaging with others in their environment and asking questions (such as the notorious “but why?”).

Alongside offering personalized and age-appropriate education during your child’s dental visit, we love stepping into the classroom and providing small groups of children with an interactive oral hygiene experience with the help of our favorite smiling stuffed platypus, Choppers.

“Pediatric Dental Specialists of Greater Nebraska visited Presbyterian preschool last week. Lisa was amazing with Choppers help. I would highly recommend having your child dental care here.” —Stephanie H.

8. Connecting with your child’s curiosity.

Speaking of “but why” questions, it’s perfectly normal for your child to have some questions about what’s happening during their dental visit. Asking questions gives your child a chance to participate in their dental experience, which helps them gain understanding, and, in many cases, feel more at ease.

“We loved everything about our experience at Pediatric Dental Specialists! We got in very quickly for our appointment and our hygienist was great with my 4 year old and 2 year old. She answered all 100 of my 4 year old’s questions so patiently! Dr. Gary was just the best! He was friendly and made my boys feel so comfortable!” —Grace B.

7. Going all out for Halloween.

Though it may come as a surprise that a dental office would pull out all the stops at Halloween, this magical and mysterious day is simply one of our favorite days of the year. In addition to going all out on our costumes and holiday décor, this Halloween we also enjoyed compiling this list for parents and caregivers of tooth-friendly Halloween treats.

6. Supporting you as a parent or caregiver.

Parenting and caregiving are two of the most rewarding—and demanding—roles a person can ever have. With many fellow parents on our Pediatric Dental Specialists team, we can relate to the joys and challenges that come along with raising kids, often while balancing work and family. That’s why each time your child comes in for their dental visit, we aim to make your experience as positive as your child’s with punctual appointments, answers to your questions, and open communication about your child’s immediate and long-term oral health needs.

“I love how they are always on time. I always feel my time as a parent is being respected and I never feel rushed. They always explain things very well and today we discussed the budget for 2021 so I can already be planning for the investment in braces.” —Brooke D.

5. Watching those dentist jitters fly away.

Many children (and adults!) are nervous about their dental visits, especially if they hear the word “cavity” or need to receive any kind of restorative treatment. The good news is that with a kid-friendly environment, an expert approach, and kid-friendly care, many of our patients (and parents!) settle into a cheerful and comfortable dental experience.

4. Taking the stress out of the unexpected.

Facing an unexpected dental situation can be a stressful situation for you and your child. From restoration mishaps to unexplained tooth pain, our goal is to provide your child with the timely treatment they need, so they can get back to smiling, learning, and growing as quickly as can be.

“My son had a cap come off after hours. I called the answering service and was contacted by a provider promptly. They were very reassuring and accommodating stating I could bring him in the next morning to have it replaced. The staff was so kind and caring with my scared boy. Everything went perfectly and we were very well taken care of. Thank you!” —Sarah M.

3. Hearing that your child is excited about coming back to the dentist.

We know that providing your child with a positive dental experience can help them experience the benefits of routine dental visits and great oral health for life. To our greatest delight, many kids enjoy their experience so much they even look forward to their dental visits at Pediatric Dental Specialists.

“The staff is always so friendly and very professional. My kids love going to the dentist here. My youngest is kinda high strung and they are amazing with her and she actually gets excited when I tell her she has a dentist appointment.” —Melissa Q.

“My kids love going to the dentist! Dr. Randone is so patient and kind with the kids, and does a good job communicating concerns with parents. My kids are always excited to go back to the dentist!” —Lisa M.

2. Making oral health fun.

We’re strong believers that taking care of one’s self and health can be fun for kids and the whole family. The best part? Kids often agree!

“I brought my three boys in for their first appointments. Everyone was so kind and had a smile. The facilities were clean and bright everywhere! They catered to the kids and had toys and games everywhere. My six-year-old said, ‘I didn’t know going to the dentist would be so fun!’ when we got to the car.” —Des N.

“At the dentist office where I go the people there are really nice. I would recommend it for anyone oh!oh!oh! They have computers at the front and a snowboard game and TVs on the ceiling so you can watch TV while they do your teeth. It’s a lot of fun.” —Jeremiah L., patient

1. Seeing your child leave with a smile on their face.

Seeing your child share their healthy smile is at the heart of what we do each and every day. From keeping teeth healthy and clean to providing your child with the best possible dental experience, our greatest reward is seeing your child leave with a smile on their face.

“Proactive, age appropriate care and communication and awesome plan of care management. My son was extremely terrified of the dentist (I felt like I was abusing him every time we went). They work as a team. Highly recommended. My kid walked out with a smile on his face ????” —Tianna H.

We thank you for another year of special moments, healthy teeth, and smiles that warm our hearts every day of the year. From all of us at Pediatric Dental Specialists, we wish you and yours a safe, happy, and joyful holiday season and New Year.

To kick off 2020 with a healthy smile, contact our office today to schedule your child’s next appointment.