First Steps

team member reads to small patient and mom

Our 10 Favorite Children’s Books About Going to the Dentist

These popular children’s books can make going to the dentist exciting. Spaceships, princesses, castles…the dentist? Your child’s favorite books are packed with adventure. They’re dramatic, exciting, and help them escape to faraway lands where talking dragons are real and fairies exist. One land they might not want to escape to? The dentist’s office! It’s no…
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How to Find the Best Pediatric Dentist Near Me

Maybe you’re wondering why your child needs a pediatric dentist, especially considering their baby teeth are going to end up with the tooth fairy. But the truth is milk or primary teeth are very important for your child’s health and development. They help a child speak, chew, and smile, and they also keep space for…
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10 More Books to Read to Your Child About Going to the Dentist

Going to the Dentist Doesn’t Have to Be Scary Children learn about the world about them through their loved ones and peers, their own experiences, and imagery. A good book can set the tone for their imagination and make their first visit to the dentist an exciting event! Heighten their excitement or calm the qualm…
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a young patient practices being a dentist on a doll

Making Oral Health Fun: How to Explain Dental Concepts to Children

Your child’s baby teeth are important. At Pediatric Dental Specialists, we get that children would rather do a million other things than brushing their teeth. But establishing a good oral hygiene routine from as young as possible means a lifetime of happy, healthy teeth and gums, which is why we recommend making oral health fun…
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A Positive First Dentist Experience: Tips for Parents

Every Tooth Counts Did you know that your child’s first teeth are vital to their health beyond their youth? It’s true. Baby teeth, medically known as primary teeth, may be temporary—but there’s nothing temporary about the impact they have on your child’s lifelong oral health. As you know, baby teeth help your child to chew…
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doctor watches as young girl practices brushing on her doll

How Your Child Can Benefit From A Pediatric Dentist

Parenthood is full of questions, and parents like you probably scour the internet, ask your friends, or call your child’s pediatrician to answer all of your burning questions, such as: What brand of diapers should my child use? What kind of stroller should I buy? What do I do if my kid eats dirt?! While…
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team member reading with young patient in chair

10 Books to Read To Your Child About Going to the Dentist

As parents, the feeling of watching your child do something for the first time is wonderful. It’s a mix of pride, awe, and exhilaration. It’s a balance between being present in the moment and making sure you get it on video and into your baby books so you can share the excitement with family and…
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7 Fun Tips To Make Your Child Love Brushing Their Teeth

The birth of a child means a series of ongoing transitions for everyone in the family. There are transitions in titles and roles, becoming a mother or father, sister or brother or even grandparent. These types of transitions are monumental and from now on there will be a series of major milestones. Rolling over, crawling,…
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