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Special Needs

Dentistry for Children with Disabilities and Special Needs

Additional Healthcare Needs and Support

Your child’s dental needs are the same as any other child: a cavity-free, healthy mouth. If they need extra attention or a specialized approach to make their dental appointment more comfortable, our caring team is here to help.

We understand that every child is different. For some, dental visits are easy while other children may need additional support. We strive to establish a connection with our patients and customize an approach that works for them.

Our Approach

Your partners in your child’s care.

At Pediatric Dental Specialists of Greater Nebraska, our dentists and their teams work closely with parents and medical doctors to create a treatment plan customized for each child's unique needs. No matter which office you visit, you can count on a team that has received additional training in strategies such as positive behavior support.

Some of the ways we can improve comfort and reduce stimulation during your child’s appointment include our tell, show, do approach. We explain what we’ll be doing, demonstrate that on puppet, and then perform the procedure. We also demonstrate dental tools, touching the tool to the patient’s fingertips so they can feel what will be going in their mouth ahead of time. Distraction techniques like TV shows or fidget toys work well for some children, and covering them with a warm, cozy blanket can help provide an added sense of comfort. We also offer sticker and toy rewards at the end of each visit.

If your child is nervous at the prospect of dental treatment, they are welcome to visit the office first, sit in the dental chair for a few minutes, and meet the team. We call this a fun visit to help a child build confidence in the environment. We sometimes recommend fun visits to parents whose children will need extensive dental work at an upcoming appointment. Our priority is to make sure each patient gets the care they need in a way that is comfortable for them.

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Great with kiddos with special needs. Communication is excellent between staff and parents.


A Calm, Compassionate Approach to Pediatric Dental Care




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Our Experience With Special Needs Patients

Every child is unique.

Children with special needs generally have a developed or acquired physical, mental, cognitive, behavioral, or emotional impairment. We understand that often means that child also requires medical management, healthcare intervention, or specialized programs or services. We recognize you are the best source for information regarding your child, their needs, and any adjustments that may be required to ensure they have the best visit.

Your child’s dentist will go over their condition with you and tailor their dental care to their specific needs. He or she will also work with your child's medical doctor to ensure that their dental health plan is consistent with their overall healthcare plan. Your child will be in good hands with our caring and compassionate team.

Sedation Dentistry

Options for reducing anxiety and creating a positive experience.

If your child needs a dental procedure that may cause stress or suffers from dental anxiety, we have options. Sedation through inhaled nitrous oxide is available and something our team can discuss with you before your child’s appointment if you feel it might be needed. General anesthesia is also an option if your child is unable to tolerate treatment in a traditional dental setting. Our team can discuss the best possible option with you to help you make an informed decision and ensure your child has a positive experience.

There are options for that unexpected dental procedure.

With or without insurance, we want to help you make getting the dental care your child needs easy.

We work with your insurance to maximize your benefits.

No insurance? We also accept other forms of payment such as credit cards, cash, and check. We also accept CareCredit which offers flexible monthly payments, with zero interest for six or 12 months on larger charges.