10 Fun Facts About Dentistry for Kids

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Everything You Need to Know About Kids’ Dentistry

In the United States, around 20% of kids between the ages of five and 11 have a cavity.

Regular visits to a dentist are vital to oral health. Children benefit from regular oral care because their body is undergoing a lot of changes throughout childhood. These changes can impact their facial structure and, in turn, their teeth.

Dentistry for kids focuses on making sure the child’s teeth are both healthy and properly aligned.

Keep reading to learn a few fun facts about pediatric dentistry!

Dentistry for Kids

A pediatric dentist specializes in taking care of the unique problems faced by children. These problems range from teeth not growing in straight to damage caused by sugary drinks and food.

A pediatric dental office is a dentist office that specializes in kids’ unique dental needs.

There are many ways to help your child prevent cavities. Talk with them about the importance of oral hygiene. Explain how their physical health is linked to their teeth. Your child will grow up with a smile they’re proud of if you take these steps.

1. Tooth Decay is the second most common disease.

In the United States, the only disease that is more common than tooth decay is the common cold. That’s pretty impressive for a disease that isn’t contagious. One of the leading causes of tooth decay is sugary drinks like soda and energy drinks.

2. Tooth enamel is really hard!

Tooth enamel is harder than steel. It is the hardest substance in your body, even harder than bone. Damage that occurs to the enamel is the result of a process that takes time. Decay slowly eats away at the enamel because it is so hard and can withstand so much.

3. Most kids get cavities.

Don’t feel bad if your dentist saysyou have a cavity. Candy, soft drinks, and all sorts of other things cause damage to your teeth. You aren’t alone; almost every kid in the country has a cavity before they become an adult.

4. The First Dental Hygienist

In 1905, Irene Newman became the first dental hygienist in the world. She started as a dental assistant and expanded her knowledge, despite being successful in her first career.

5. The First Dentist

The earliest known dentist was an Egyptian man who lived thousands of years ago. His name was Hesy-Ra, and he lived back when the pyramids were being built. In those days, people used twigs as toothbrushes and coral powder, talc, or even rust as their toothpaste.

6. Your Tongue is unique.

Have you ever been fingerprinted in school? If so, you know that every fingerprint is unique. The tongue, just like a snowflake, is also a unique part of your body. No two tongue prints are the same. Fingerprints are still more popular for identification, but your tongue is just as special.

7. The Alamo and Chewing Gum

Santa Anna, the man who destroyed the Alamo, is responsible for bringing chewing gum to the United States. This story dates back to the 1830s after Sam Houston captured him. The story goes that he chewed gum to calm his nerves.

Today, the chewing gum industry is enormous. Over 100,000 tons of chewing gum are consumed every year! That makes the industry itself worth billions of dollars. People all over the world love chewing gum.

8. The First Female Dentist

The first lady in the United States to ever become a dentist did so in 1866. Dr. Lucy Hobbs paved the way for all the ladies who came after her. She graduated from the School of Dental Surgery in Ohio. She was also a schoolteacher, so she loved taking care of children.

9. Brushing Your Teeth

Here are some neat facts about brushing your teeth. The average person spends less time brushing than they are supposed to. You should brush for at least two minutes each time. You may already know this, but brushing doesn’t clean your teeth completely. You should also floss.

10. Speaking of Floss

Floss as we know it was invented in 1815 by Levi Spear Parmly, a dentist from New Orleans. He invented a waxy string that is very similar to what we still use today. He even wrote a book, in which he mentions flossing as being very important, called A Practical Guide to the Management of the Teeth.

Dentistry and Pediatrics

Pediatric dentists have long been recognized as important parts of the development of a healthy body and mind. Children should be able to smile without feeling self-conscious. These specialized dentists can help make sure your child is happy and healthy and has the smile they want.

Children have mouths that are always changing. The dimensions of the mouth grow and shift as the body ages and expands. Early care and preventive measures that are implemented when young are more likely to make an impact throughout the life of your child.

Dentistry for kids has come a long way in the last fifty years. We would like to personally assure you there is no reason to be scared when going to see a dentist. They won’t hurt you; in fact, they will do everything to help you.

You should visit the dentist at least once a year. This allows the dentist to clean your teeth and work to help you prevent any cavities from forming.

Pediatric Dentists in Omaha, Nebraska

Get your child started off right with excellent dental care today. Healthy teeth help kids lead healthy, confident lives. Dentistry for kids can help make sure your child is ready and able to face the world.

They won’t just face the world; they will do it with a smile on their faces. That is the goal of our team here at Pediatric Dental Specialists of Greater Nebraska. Contact us today to book an appointment at one of our offices!