Pediatric Dentistry

dr. kluver

Interview With Dr. Sarah Kluver — A Scientist or an Artist?

Get to know Dr. Sarah Kluver and learn why she is a passionate kids’ dentist. Your child’s dentist is much more than an oral health authority—they’re a friend to your family and play an important role in shaping your child’s present and future relationship with dental care. To welcome our new general dentist to the…
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Our 10 Favorite Children’s Books About Going to the Dentist

These popular children’s books can make going to the dentist exciting. Spaceships, princesses, castles…the dentist? Your child’s favorite books are packed with adventure. They’re dramatic, exciting, and help them escape to faraway lands where talking dragons are real and fairies exist. One land they might not want to escape to? The dentist’s office! It’s no…
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10 Fun Facts About Dentistry for Kids

Everything You Need to Know About Kids’ Dentistry In the United States, around 20% of kids between the ages of five and 11 have a cavity. Regular visits to a dentist are vital to oral health. Children benefit from regular oral care because their body is undergoing a lot of changes throughout childhood. These changes…
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5 Ways to Afford Dental Care for Your Child

Ensuring your child gets great dental care is an essential part of helping them thrive and stay healthy, but it can be expensive and stressful. Thankfully, there are ways to lower your expenses while making sure your child gets the quality dental care they need.
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Special Dental Care Tips for Children With Special Needs

If you're in Hastings, Grand Island, North Platte, or Omaha, Nebraska, and you need special dental care for your child, you're in luck. We've got locations in all of these areas and our dentists have tons of experience working with children who have special needs.
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“How Can I Protect My Child’s Tooth Enamel?” and Other Pediatric Dentistry Questions Answered

If you act like the pediatric dentistry appointment will be scary, your child will respond in a more fearful way. So prepare your little one for their first dental appointment by reading books or playing fun games about the dentist.
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What a Pediatric Dentist Looks for in Your Child’s Mouth at Every Age

It can be hard to understand exactly what your child’s dentist is looking for at each dental evaluation. Here’s a breakdown of what pediatric dentists look for during each stage of your child’s dental development.
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What To Do If Your Child Has a Cavity

Whether you’re doing everything right or find that you need to make a few changes in order to better protect your child’s oral health, getting immediate treatment and advice for their cavity from a pediatric dentist is what matters.
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Tooth Truths: Myths and Facts about Child Dental Care

As a parent, you have probably received plenty of unsolicited advice about how to care for your children. Often times, this advice can be contradictory and full of myths. This is especially true when it comes to child dental care.
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8 Ways to Help Your Child Prevent Cavities

Here are 8 ways to help your child prevent cavities and enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile, starting today.
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